Behind Our story is simple - a dynamic sister duo with contrasting tastes and styles, yet both fervent travel and shopping enthusiasts, driven by a passion for discovery and the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. We basically paused, found opportunity through chaos, and took the entrepreneurial leap to realize a dream shared from years before!  

About  A contemporary online retail store for the spirited, forever curious, peeps who dig aesthetics, quality of life minded, and savvy shoppers with unique style personas.

We are a Canadian registered business but our online platform connects you mainly and effortlessly with diverse established or rising independent designers and artisans from around the globe.

We aim to guide you out of conventional shopping and lead you towards a more bespoke and forward thinking path. Our curated selection features an eclectic mix of often unique, small batch, online exclusive, limited edition or run, artisan made and conscious products. 

We do still mix it up a bit and carry other private labels, trends and name brands for the loyalists.

Our purpose is to:
  • Share with you our passion and deep affinity for all things shopping, lifestyle, travel, culture, and wellness.
  • Celebrate online business entrepreneurs, creatives, artisans, and visionaries behind existing and emerging independent brands.
  • Invigorate your senses and mood to choose your next best thing and disrupt lack of self-care, routine or style rut.
  • Present you with products we would buy for ourselves.
  • Create a fun, contemporary and alluring shopping experience for you.

Support Indie Creativity: Shop with us and empower the rebels of the creative world. Their crafted products are as individual as the stars versus the more commonly mass-produced items found in traditional marketplaces.  Every brand has a story. Find the story that relates to your style and mood.

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Happy Shopping!