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Bacardi Giftset Red


The Bacardi gift set. The Bacardi gifter filled with your favorite drink and soft drink is easy to take with you to the park or family party. This is the smaller version of the brand's Jerrycan Bar and is just as much loved. Where do you steal the show with this portable jerry can bar? On the beach, at the BBQ. The gift set is supplied with glasses as standard, but excluding drinks and cans. But you can also order this and your bar is party ready right away. You fill it with a bottle of Bacardi that is entirely up to you.

How is the bar made?

All products are made by 2 employees who work hard every day in the workshop to prepare your orders. All bars are made from jerry cans, which in turn are made of sheet steel. The type of jerry can used is the military model that has been in circulation since the 2nd World War. The jerry can has a high-quality paint that makes it look nice. The first step of making the jerry can mini bar is to open the jerry can. After that, the hinges are placed on the jerry can. Then they tap the jerry can (apply edge finishing profile)..this covers the sharp parts of the jerry can. As soon as the edge finishing profile is around it, they can fasten the door and apply the lock. At this point, the first step is done. The second step is to make the interior of wood, this is really custom work because if it is too big, it will not fit. The moment the interior is ready, it is secured in the jerry can and after the glue has dried, it is ready. 

The perfect gift

Are you looking for an original gift for a friend, family member or for yourself? Then the mini bar can be the perfect gift for you. It is the ideal gift to give for several reasons, it is a unique gift, it is original and multifunctional. It's not just a piece that you put somewhere in your house and never use it again like most gifts. The gift set is really meant to take with you when you go out with, for example, your friends. Or you can place it in your room and then you have your own mini bar in your room the size of a mini fridge. Only a mini bar is of course much cooler.

Want to buy a Bacardi Gift Set?

The moment you want to order a mini bar, you have to take a few things into account. First, what color you want the bar to be red, green or black. You also have to think about whether you want the jerry can with filling or without. Filling means the bottle of drink and cola cans. Made to order.

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The Jerry Can Bar will please every man´s heart. The unique canister contains a bottle, glasses, and other great and useful items! Comes with three customized options. “Passion to Hunt” is a gift for an enthusiastic hunter, the “Power of Silence” will please a passionate fisherman, and the “Spirit of the Real Man” is for a real man who knows how to live life to the fullest. These portable mini bars are handmade. We use 100% natural dyes in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

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